General Terms and Conditions


This General Terms and Conditions are developed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

Access to Credit Bureau

Paylater will share obtained information to credit bureaus, banks, and other financial institutions.

  • All data obtained upon submission will be shared across the aforementioned institutions in order to process your loan application.
  • Your bank data and credit information will be obtained for loan processing purposes.
  • Paylater will have every right to review obtained information.

Up-to-date Client Information

These data will reflect your current status to us as a borrower and will help identify your eligibility to receive a cash loan from us.

  • This information will be treated as property of Paylater from hereon.
  • Additional necessary information will be gathered in order to process your application.

Requirement Compliance

Any documents provided to Paylater during the loan application will not be returned.

Paylater has the right to keep all documentation for this application form and copies of supportive documents.

  • Paylater have the rights to approve or decline applications at its absolute discretion without stating any reasons.
  • All documents will be kept whether the application is approved or disapproved.